Hiring a Legal Answering Service for your Law Office

28 December 2013
28 December 2013, Comments: 0

We find a lot of attorneys are unaware of what services are available to them and incredibly inexpensive prices.  In short, a lawyer can open a new practice and have professional answering services taking calls, routing calls, and screening calls provided for an entire year at the same cost of having a dedicated employee performing the same tasks for one month.

We’ve just started offering special phone answering packages specifically for attorneys and we are dedicating a series of blog entries over the coming week breaking down exactly what you would get if you are an attorney in need of these services.  We are even open to the idea that established law practices don’t even know that some of the features and benefits available.

At Ready Virtual, we try to take the same approach to the business services we offer the same way Steve Jobs repeatedly talked about Apple product development, “We design products that we want to use ourselves.”  This is vital to the ever dynamic and complex recipe for running a successful law office.  So we are do everything we can to make it so you and your staff don’t have to do any more work outside dedicated job descriptions than necessary.

You practice law, we’ll answer the phones.  This enhances productivity and business image. We want our clients to keep productivity high and costs low.

Hiring a phone answering service for your law firm increases productivity and greatly enhance your business image!

In an unorganized operation any little thing can derail productivity and focus.  When the phone rings, you have four options, and you better choose wisely.

1)   You can take the call yourself and allow distractions to happen whenever someone calls your office.  Yes, it might be a new client.  It might even be your biggest client.  It might also be a sales call or a wrong number.  Just because you can do something it doesn’t mean that’s what you should be doing.  Do you vacuum your office and take out the trash each day too?  If so, you have a lot of things to consider when it comes to tightening up the efficiency of your operation and keeping first things first.

2)   You can give the order that whomever on your staff can, should answer the phone.  This expands on the chaos of the first option.  Choosing this direction not only derails your productivity, but your whole office.  Even though only one staff person can actually take the call, the entire office will inevitably pause to think about whether they should be the ones to take the call.   Of course, on a really busy day, it is possible for the entire office to ignore the call and allow the caller to go to voicemail.  Then whose job is it to check the messages and call the prospective or existing client back in a timely fashion?  It probably won’t happen, and that means you probably (at best) have a very upset client, or (at worst) lost a client.

This not only reduces productivity for the entire office, but also presents a poor image of your firm.  When a staff member on an extra busy day answers the phone and sounds busy / annoyed, the caller loses the sense of assurance they should feel when calling your office.  The client should have an experience of a calm, collected, assuring, and professional office that is there ready to serve them.

3)   One of the best ways to provide callers with a consistent and professional experience from the first moment their call is picked up, is to hire someone dedicated to only answering, transferring, and screening calls.  The most obvious answer to most who run a law office is to hire an employee for these tasks.  However, the expense and risks involved in taking on additional help can be difficult to justify if the budget is thin.  This can lead to assigning the receptionist with additional tasks and can be a slippery slope back to the chaos of the previous option.

Other expenses and challenges come from having an employee which revolves around dependability.  And, as job descriptions and wages get smaller, the risk of dependability gets greater.  This means more sick days, more turnover, more training of new hires, and less productivity.

4)   Your fourth option is to hire a virtual receptionist answering service.  We advise and discuss the perfect calling script, assign a receptionist to your practice, and you have a professional working for you out of the box.  You have unlimited minutes on basic call reception and transfers and no surprises.  We don’t call in sick, we don’t take vacations, and you will never miss a call or lose a client to voicemail again.

Answering and transferring calls isn’t all we do though.  We’ll be covering some of the more custom features and benefits of hiring a Ready Virtual receptionist for your answering service in the next blog post.  You need us, and we’ll tell you why!

Currently our Legal Answering Services are being rolled out in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.  To learn more or request information, click here.

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